Rare Amethyst - Vera Cruz

This wonderfully rare and exciting type of Amethyst comes from Los Vigas, Vera Cruz in Mexico. Its gentle purple colouration is indicative of its origin and makes it one of the most stunning types of Amethyst in the world. It is known to be a fantastic tool for those who scry and wish to accelerate their connection to the Earth’s natural energies. Vera Cruz Amethyst is a crystal of protection and spiritual wisdom, and is perfect for anyone wishing to strengthen their abilities in spiritual intention and ascension.

Colour- Light to medium shades of purple
Appearance- Translucent to transparent crystal points
Rarity- Very Rare
Source- Los Vigas, Vera Cruz, Mexico
Chakra- Third Eye, Crown
Healing- This very special type of Amethyst has been known to help reduce stress and aid a deep sense of calm. Effective in easing headaches and boosting the immune system when kept close long term.

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