Shiva Shell

Also known as ‘Pacific Cat’s Eye’, Shiva Shell is an operculum of a sea snail and is used to open the Third Eye Chakra and mute negative energy. It is a stunning natural stone made of calcium carbonate and has a brown and black band that is carved into the shape of the eye. Named after India’s Lord Shiva due to it resembling the third eye in the idols forehead, it is worshiped in Tibet, and Sri Lanka. Shiva’s eye is a significant divination and transforming crystal which can help to find a new path in life.

Colour- White and brown
Appearance- Milky, creamy white with a darkened swirl
Rarity- Obtainable
Source- Australia
Chakra- Third Eye
Healing- Shiva Shell boosts health within the kidneys, pancreas and liver and can also aid the healing of lymph nodes and spleen issues.

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